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The Sharp Report.
« on: April 19, 2012, 11:06:13 PM »
Patrick Ryan, Education Minister tell's the States Assembly,  he is unable to release the Sharp report to elected members as its confidential, here  we have the strangest , and to me most absurd situation. His statement in the assembly can be heard click on the first link, whereby all the world can listen to our Government Minister make an arse of himself.

Deputy Pitman with the question.

“Given the requirement of the Code of Conduct to be as open as possible will the Minister clarify why he is preventing an elected Member of the States from receiving a full copy of the Sharp Report in support of researching a proposition?”


Education Minister Ryan.

Where to find the Sharp report in full, top right hand side main menu here. Its good read. link seems to be down - try here.

More From

Allegations had first been made against Jervis-Dykes four years before he was eventually arrested. It was only after his arrest that the school suspended him. According to the report, the head teacher had told a senior school governor - later deputy bailiff of the island - Francis Hamon about the earliest allegations over a game of squash, and had been told to keep quiet about it. It was not clear when the rest of the school governors knew - these included the still-serving bailiff, Philip Bailhache.

There you have it, the full report is in the public domain and has been for years. At least three internet sites have discussed it and the players involved. 

Yet this week a Minister stands up in Jersey’s Government and tells the assembly that members cannot have a copy.

It really is  unbelievable that the education Minister Ryan, is so out of touch when it comes to transparency, and the support and release of information to islanders that is nothing to do with national security.

Again that well worn question arises, who is he trying to protect.

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Stuart Syvret,



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Re: The Sharp Report.
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It is available on other UK websites also, and a pretty damning read it makes as well.

Quite what Patrick Ryan was doing coming out with this nonsense I do not know because anybody can read it/print it off/hand it out in St Helier or whatever. Furthermore, the only redaction is quite rightly the names of the abused boys. All others culpable in this affair are quite rightly named and shamed.
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