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Jerseys Liberation day should have been a  joyful occasion, proud islanders,  happy people in celebration , it was not.  Someone booed the Bailiff , the occasion was  full of the usual  pomp and ceremony, all was laid on but strangely  the atmosphere was …………… to be polite subdued. Is this a clear signal of the discontent  that  many islanders feel , about the continued big spend, tax rises and inefficient and some say unaccountable machine of Government and its administration.

Credit to an expensive  Tourism department trying to sell Jersey in a positive light,  meet the Judiciary and strange happenings of redacted report after expensive report, not helping Jerseys international reputation.

Not allowing the blind lady holding the scales of  justice to  hear the retired head of the Jersey Police ( who was suspended ) his side of the argument in reply to a Gov. Ministers brutal and sustained criticism  ..... does not sound much like justice.

Nor does trying to crush  an ex senator with an attitude problem,  but stranger still, no one is personally prepared  to prosecute him for slander and yet the system is happy to use taxpayers  money and data protection. The ex- Senator claims it was a public interest disclosure and also it would not have been fair to the public or the large group of excellent nurses working at health, not to identify. The ex senator has a powerful blog which is read across the world.   

So the Private eye is read not by myself  but is purchased by around  200,000 customers. Other people will also borrow the copy purchased.  So do Jerseys authorities come out looking cool yep……………………………like a block of ice dropped in the Sahara.

Chris Tryhorn, Thursday 11 February 2010 13.03 GMT
Article history
Private Eye hits best sales since 1992
Satirical magazine sells average of    210,218   copies from July and December, as the Oldie's sales rise 14.6% year on year

Stuart Syvret in Private Eye Magazine

The Back', edition 1288, 13 May 2011 full complete article. Click  on box containing article it opens fully.

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