Author Topic: St Saviour's for sale  (Read 2235 times)

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St Saviour's for sale
« on: March 26, 2011, 01:35:05 PM »
An article here confused me a moment

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Re: St Saviour's for sale
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So the people are holding their Constable - Peter Hanning to account. Jersey is changing for the better with this public effort, and Constable Hanning has not helped himself by putting out the statement where he said " to save the field it has to be built on. " Lets think about the 7,000 peoples line in the sand. Now all together, to save our coastline including Portlet and Plemont we have to build on them,  is that right Constable Hanning ?

I may even go on the 3rd of May to give the fiesty St Saviours residents some support as Jersey belongs to all its residents.


Angry residents call parish meeting ANGRY residents in St Saviour have used an ancient law to call a Parish Assembly because they are so upset about a planning application in their parish.

They are so concerned that Constable Peter Hanning – who has already declared his support for a scheme to build a Good Companions club on a field opposite St Saviour’s primary school – is not representing the parish’s best interests that they have organised their own parish assembly.

Normally only the Constable can call such a meeting, but members of a campaign group called Save our St Saviour –Line in the Ground lodged a request for the meeting, known as a ‘Requête’, and organised it for Tuesday 3 May.