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Re: Police Chief Suspended
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Let us study the in depth internet offering by the JEP, regarding the shocking but expected headline today entitled.

PUBLISHED: January 25, 2016 2:00 pm

Police chief’s suspension ‘justified’ say

Why did the JEP not publish the words that Home Affairs Minister Andrew Lewis actually spoke in the assembly in order to convince the members of Jersey’s Government that the Police Chiefs suspension was justified and legal.

Frank Walker must have been asleep in the chamber as it was clear that Andrew Lewis whole case for suspending the Chief of police was based on the report he said he saw but actually did not see or read a single word.

As the Chief Minister, what part did CM Walker actually play in the suspension for him to try and protect Andrew Lewis  in the JEP article, it is perverse, was he pulling the strings, it appears someone high up was, Lewis would not have acted on his own against the police chief ?

JEP Quote:

Mr Walker, giving evidence to the inquiry last week, said that the Met report had not been a major factor and that the weight of evidence provided by Mr Warcup meant that Mr Power had to be suspended.

However, in a transcript of an in-camera debate, which was released yesterday following a States decision to grant access to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry, Deputy Lewis appears to suggest that the interim Met report had been a factor in the decision.


Why did they JEP use the words?

“ Appears to suggest “  the JEP say they employ professional reporters ? Deputy Lewis was caught red handed miss-leading Jersey and its Government which resulted in the police chief being suspended.  Just publish his narrative ? Obviously up to the internet bloggers yet again !

There were some very firm almost angry questions from the floor of the house during the in camera debate, especially from Constable Crowcroft who kept coming back to the question that proper guidelines had not been followed and then actually quoting them At Deputy Lewis the Home Affairs minister. To defend his decision Deputy Lewis quoted at least three times ( see below ) it was all about an  interim  damming report he had read. The Bailiff even warned him " not to go there " but he had already.

The words taken from Hansard are quoted below and clearly show that the Home affairs Minister Deputy Lewis, was misleading the Government.  Get a backbone JEP online and tell it how it is.

Quote: Home Affairs Minister Lewis.

As far as the accusation you raise about the Metropolitan Police, when I saw the preliminary report I was astounded. So much so that my actions, I believe, are fully justified. If the preliminary report is that damning, Lord knows what the main report will reveal. So my successor will have an interesting time. The report that I was shown gave me no doubt at all………………

I HAVE READ AN ALARMING REPORT FROM THE METROPOLITAN POLICE which led me to this decision in the first place. I can do no more……….

No there are not. I am purely acting on information contained in a report that was about an investigation into an operation that was code-named Rectangle and that is what the report was about and that is where my concerns were………….


The Crunch.

Brian Napier QC:

"“As previously has been noted, neither Mr Lewis nor Mr Ogley saw the Interim Report. Neither did they seek to see it. The reason given was the nature of the information that was contained therein. It was, said Mr Ogley, a police document and it was inappropriate that he (or anyone else) should have
access to it. Mr Ogley says that he was told both by the Attorney General and Mr Warcup that he should not look at the interim report and neither he nor Mr Lewis did so.”


Thanks to Rico Sorda, Stuart Syvret, and other bloggers for releasing the leaked report years ago in an effort to publish the truth, more facts can be read at:

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