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THERE is no rift between the police and the Attorney General’s legal team, the man now in charge of the historic child abuse inquiry said today.

Deputy police chief David Warcup said that his team and lawyers dealing with the case now had a good working relationship.

Mr Warcup has issued a statement saying that the present relationship between the two agencies ‘was helpful in ensuring that this major investigation would lead to criminals being brought before the courts.’

He issued the statement following an interview on BBC radio given by Lenny Harper, who formerly ran the inquiry.
In that interview, Mr Harper said that he did not believe that the interests of the abuse victims was the primary concern of the Island authorities and he claimed that the police team had encountered inexplicable delays by law officers dealing with the case.

Sounds to me like David Warcup is trying to put Lenny Harper's fires out.

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Re: No rift between the police and the Attorney General’s legal team
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For any new reader tuning in to the Jersey Child Abuse situation on Jersey there is one player I feel deserves the stage to himself for a moment.

He is a man who likes money ( don’t we all ) but appears to like it a little to much ? and questions remain regarding his shoe in as deputy police chief when the honourable Police Chief Graham Power was illegally suspended ? without notice and without representation. His work contract giving him legal protection was then taken from his private locked cabinet in his office and the copy held by human resources was lost.

David Warcup was already “ retired “ from his old force with a big payout and pension and could then be re-employed on Jersey. The question is - was he supposed  to continue the years of work or trash it with Jersey's powers that be,  always desperate to maintain it’s veneer of respectability.

To be seen to be respectable it is not a good idea to have government institutions and staff accused of  child abuse. Of course there is the other dark side that Deputy Caroline Labey and Police Chief Power were working on and that is the complaints from land owners in her district that corruption in building development was taking place. The police chief apparently was hauled before the Attorney General ( who for some strange reason ) had private emails from the deputy and the police chief and instructed the police Chief Power to drop the pending investigation. Graham Power refused and over the next few days was suspended.

Should you be interested there is a short trail which is not exclusive regarding Mr Warcups history and a summary by Rob Kent which I fully agree with. Will he be called to give evidence to this enquiry ?  Will he just use the old can’t remember line that is becoming so popular ?

1) Leaves old job with lots of dosh.

2) Comes to Jersey offered loads more money.

3) Trashes historic police work, calling it a shambles. Strange given an independent high ranking Gold team oversaw the investigation and gave recommendations and advice which was accepted and instigated.

4) Lets it be known he wants the top job and takes action to secure it, even though the current police chief is still employed but suspended. In the real world he acted in an unprofessional manner.

5) The story of an apparent shambles with police information and evidence gathered was leaked to the Daily Mail. This is highly unusual if not illegal with an ongoing police investigation.

6) Various ( so called ) independent reports were dragged out until the PC Power retired with an unblemished record, and Mr Lenny Harper his right hand man who retired earlier also had an unblemished record. Accusations of over spending against the two officers were proved later to be unfounded.

7) Questions were asked in the States Assembly by backbenchers about the professionalism of David Warcup and his motives.  As the heat intensified he left  taking the money with him plus no doubt another pension ? saying his integrity had been questioned.

It has been written already so why reinvent the wheel. Rob Kents view is one shared by many including myself and can be read as the last post below. 

But it has been revealed that he has received a lump sum of around £300,000 from Northumbria Police.
Mr Warcup is also receiving £60,000 a year from his old force as part of his retirement package. The pension — which lasts for the rest of his life — represents half of the £120,000-a-year he received from Northumbria.

According to the Daily Mail article, David Warcup launched a devastating attack on Mr Harper, saying that he had now 'ripped up' much of the evidence presented by his predecessor. Events seem to suggest that the new investigation team are keen to play down events at the Jersey care home.

Daily Mail Article.

His handling of the Haut de la Garenne children’s home probe has been described as
a ‘shambles’ by Mick Gradwell, the detective drafted in to replace Harper.

Read more:

Guardian asks deep questions about the replacements parachuted in.

David Warcup, Power's replacement, insisted at the end of the investigation that there was "no evidence from which it would be possible to mount any further prosecutions."

The Acting Jersey Chief of Police, David Warcup, has announced he is to leave the force at the end of the year.
A new chief is now needed as he was standing in for Graham Power who was suspended over the handling of an abuse inquiry into a former children's home.

Rob Kent said...

Re "He may well have acted with the best of intentions, but he cannot be considered to have been totally vindicated any more than Mr Power has been judged guilty."

I don't think he acted with the best intentions at all - quite the opposite.

I think he was part of a conspiracy to bury the HdlG investigation and 'restore Jersey's reputation'.

I think his press conference and Gradwell's subsequent remarks on the subject are a disgrace.

Yes, he may have thought he was a shoo-in for the job and is surprised to be still waiting, but how naive can he be?

 It's not the trite name-calling that has forced him out.
 It's the realisation that events have got out of control and are going to run and run. Because he played a central part in that, he - like the others involved - are not going to get any peace. It's not a pretty prospect for anyone.

There's something rotten at the heart of Jersey and everyone can smell it. Until your elected politicians and unelected leaders see that and realise that it is better to live in an open, democratic society, there will be constant conflict of the kind that Warcup is complaining about.

Thanks to all contributors’ who take full credit.

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