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Harper carries on attacking
« on: September 16, 2008, 06:14:24 PM »

LENNY Harper went on national television and radio this morning to claim that the interests of abuse victims have not been the primary concern of the Jersey authorities.

Speaking from his new home in Ayrshire, Scotland, Mr Harper said: ‘I think the victims’ interests have been sacrificed for whatever reason, and I don’t have an answer to that, but I think that interests of the victims have been sacrificed for some reason, and that there has been a marked reluctance to vigorously pursue the allegations to their natural conclusion in court.’

Mr Harper was speaking to BBC and former Island journalist Robert Hall. In the interview, Mr Harper repeated his criticisms of the Island’s law officers. He explained that his inquiry team would put together a file on a suspect outlining its evidence against them, but then they would run into ‘inexplicable delays’.

And he added that ‘the goalposts were being moved’ and the decision-making process for the Jersey legal system appeared to be ‘whenever, wherever’. Mr Harper has also been critical of warnings from Jersey’s Attorney General, William Bailhache, that extensive media coverage may have jeopardised future court proceedings. He told BBC News today: ‘Whenever you’ve got allegations that children’s bodies may be disposed of at a care home and you find bones, some of them burnt, and you find children’s teeth, that’s not a matter any police force in the UK would hide.’

Is there an axe to grind here?

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Re: Harper carries on attacking
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Re: Harper carries on attacking
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2015, 12:26:42 AM »
Lenny Harper is a larger than life character, and he was brought into the Jersey force by Chief of police Graham Power to stamp out police corruption as part of his remit or so my informer police man friend tells me. No proof, no name of informant, he has a good pension and good life on a small island  and wants to keep it that way.

Mr Harper was a strong but not an all round popular character. That is understandable given I suppose that everyone at work was under suspicion except his boss, he was clearly not backward in coming forward when it came to the child abuse investigation which he was asked to take lead called “Operation Rectangle “

I will almost leave it there except to notice that Mr Harper again is being attacked by Jersey’s one and only  heavily biased news paper, the Jersey Evening Post.

In tonight’s on line edition ( and featured in the hardcopy )  a picture of a sad looking Mr Harper to get etched into the mind and a loud anti Harper heading.

Abuse inquiry latest: Lenny Harper ‘convinced himself’ of cover-up

The online edition reports that an ex policeman Mr Carter claims:

In his witness statement, Mr Carter said: ‘He [Lenny Harper] appears to have convinced himself that many senior officers within the States police were untrustworthy and that people with positions of authority within the States were responsible for covering up child abuse.’

In the statement by another retired policeman’s Anton Cornelissen just the day before, spoke about police corruption in the force back in the late ninety’s way before Mr Harper arrived so actually  confirms senior officer corruption, we can read, but no big picture all hidden under another title, very clever, to report but in a succinct way if you get my meaning.

And on Tuesday, the first witness to be called, former States police officer Anton Cornelissen, claimed that several senior officers within the force attempted to cover up abuse.

For more on the stories and true facts it may be better to read the Jersey blogs which are free and informed and respect having received excellent reviews from the Independent UK newspaper and other professional world media sources.

Rico Sorda


Voice For Children. (VFC)   

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry Carries On “The Jersey Way.”

Jerseys Child Abuse enquiry is fatally flawed by ex Senator Stuart Syvret.

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Re: Harper carries on attacking
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As long as Lenny Harper is attacked, it should be expected that he will attack back. The truth versus  the spin and lies. It is becoming apparent that this Phase of the Inquiry is going to be used to discredit the man as best it can. Facts versus fiction.

Luckily he has 'cohones', something which most of the other politicians, civil servants, etc. who were complicit in this cover-up lack.

I hope sincerely the Inquiry will not be blinkered/blinded by the Establishment who clearly did not want Lenny to expose child abuse, nor clean up what was clearly a not too honourable Police Force.

I know who I would choose to believe.

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Re: Harper carries on attacking
« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2016, 04:23:24 AM »
Honest Cop. Lenny Harper attending the Child ABUSE investigation causes jaws to drop while some stare at the ceiling in disbelief at his honest no holds barred words.

Quotes from Mr Harper.

" Inquiry hears investigation could have started earlier "

"Cover up of paedophile ring says Former Police Deputy"

" Ex Police Chief says corruption in police and politics"


Three simple questions keep repeatedly going around my head.

1)   Is this the information that certain leading powerful politicians ( after the States agreeing to hold a proper investigation ) then took three years before it actually started, were a hard core of the establishment elite hoping it would never start and working behind the scenes to stop it ?

2) Is this information the reason that a close down of the enquiry was debated in the house with Senator Bailhache and others firmly against carrying on. On the day the vote was to  attribute more funds, so it could continue. The truth is, it may have been accepted on balance that to stop the enquiry, would have hit the UK papers turning wider public opinion against Jersey.

3) Why were two senior conflicted senior civil servants put in charge of sourcing documents on behalf of the independent enquiry and also to provide witnesses with evidential documents ?  Chairperson Francis Oldham QC publicly announced that serious delays of months even after several requests, in sourcing requested documents which had still not appeared were proving to be a problem. Witnesses have also complained that requested documents have also been delayed and even been classed as lost.

It is a pleasure to comment that for the first time in a long time ITV Channel have logged a serious report, well done to the network, credit where it is due.

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Re: Harper carries on attacking
« Reply #5 on: January 14, 2016, 05:15:40 AM »
Why on earth did Lenny Harper get two rounds of spontaneous applause from an audience ( including survivors ) at the Child Abuse investigation. Why did the police lawyer accuse  Mr Harper of lying by supporting the IT police staff who were found guilty of taking home work computers which were then used for porn and games and one ended up at a member of the families university. Is this how desperate the Jersey establishment are getting as the good cop in charge of the investigation scores sixes all over the pitch because the evidenced truth is unbeatable.

Why oh Why did the police lawyer sit in front of the child abuse panel spewing out a cobbled up defence of the actions of bent police IT staff  which ended up being sacked. There was no appeal to the employment tribunal known as JAC's as far as I am aware ? What is even more worrying is this the mind set of the Jersey Police Force today,  and what ever happened to evidence lead honesty. If Lenny Harper had firm evidence ( obviously he did as they were sacked ) so did the police lawyer which obviously he tried to  ignore. These police lawyer actions need further investigation.

Warcup held a meeting with the survivors a mere 6 days after the illegal suspension of Police Chief Graham Power.  Rico Sorda investigative reporter trusted by most of the survivors had access to a secret tape recording of the meeting which is now online.

The link is below, and it is not for me to say that Mr Gradwell is lying but he threatens to walk out of the meeting claiming he is not bent or corrupt. Clearly he has - not - got the confidence of the room. In fact he sounds rattled and on the defence trying to explain the reason for going to the papers and trashing the investigation.

Within his meeting and press release there it appears there are lies told ? - see if you can spot them you will have to go deep to find them - clue. He worked for free but that is just me ? Mr Harper Was given a chance to hear the secret tape and answer the alligations by Mr Gradwell. You will be able to read Mr Harpers comments should you wish.

Video sound link of recording poor quality but gets better scroll down to the heading

6 days after the illegal suspension of Police Chief Graham Power

What Mr Gradwell and Mr Warcup published to trash the previous work during a live police investigation. Actions unheard of, amongst professional police.

Thanks to Rico Sorda, Team Voice, VFC, Stuart Syvret. Big Trev Pitman, Bob Hill and all the other bloggers who are not members of the paid media. The bloggers who forensically and in their free time examined documents statements and records in a hunt for the truth because they care.

No thanks to the paid Jersey media who published without bothering to substantiate  or check the content of Mr Gradwell's and Warcup's press release.

Sorry almost forgot thanks to Mr Gradwell for giving us a good laugh.

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Re: Harper carries on attacking
« Reply #6 on: January 15, 2016, 02:11:54 AM »
Mr Harper gained his well deserved applause for being straight and honest, blunt and credible and with genuine and sincere feelings for the abuse survivors, and the corruption he encountered and highlighted without fear or favour.

Quite the opposite to today's witness! Insincere and vindictive and jealously guarding Jersey's 'reputation'!

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Re: Harper carries on attacking
« Reply #7 on: January 16, 2016, 06:31:01 PM »
i   have  waited  to  hear  form  mr  harper .
 and  enjoy  the other links  that  are  around  for   further  reading .
 chatting  to  a bloke  a work ,  we  came  to  the  conclusion  that,  twenty  to  thirty  folk   talking  about  the same thing ,  cant  be wrong .
  no matter how you  try  to gloss over  things .
  and  also  discovered  that    the  blog  tonys musings  had being  up  for a long  time .
 as i  searched  for  another of  our  departed  police chiefs ,  mr parkingson .
as i vaguely  remembered  a  few storm  clouds  from  the past .

 and now  wonder if  and its a  big  if , some one from  the uk  will join all  the  dots .

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Re: Harper carries on attacking
« Reply #8 on: January 16, 2016, 10:22:11 PM »
Yes man in the street, the UK papers are getting interested. The heavy weight " Times " newspaper lead by the interested and intelligent David Brown, has just done an article on how the police in Jersey, ignored a child who was at Haut de la Garenne. The Child  put in a complaint about Savile.

David Brown is obviously not waiting in line like the captured Jersey media and is doing his own research. It could get very messy for the establishment and the cover up merchants because if Mr Brown, reads the other blogs in his hunt for the truth, will have the truth presented on a plate.

The Times.  16th January 2016.

Jersey child abuse was covered up, says former police chief

Politicians and corrupt police officers were accused today of covering-up the systematic child sex abuse by paedophiles on Jersey

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Re: Harper carries on attacking
« Reply #9 on: January 16, 2016, 11:59:39 PM »
I have seen it mentioned again and again about the piece of bone found being a piece of coconut.There have been numerous negative comments recently,on various websites and blogs about how stupid Harper is saying it was human remains when it was tested and found to be coconut,even the cartoon in todays JEP makes mockery of Harper and the piece of coconut.
My question is,was this ever proved to be a piece of coconut,who said so?Did Harper ever claim it was human remains?
I remember at the time that this sample contained collagen which isn't found in coconuts.Who came up with the coconut story and where is the sample now.I remember there was a lot of controversy about it at the time,how did it all end?

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Re: Harper carries on attacking
« Reply #10 on: January 17, 2016, 12:37:52 AM »
i think the whole,"coconut", thing was deliberately used to discredit Harper.
Thing is, it would not have been Harper who suggested it could be human remains, it would have been someone from the forensics team.He could only comment on information he was provided with.

This whole child abuse saga is a lot bigger than most of us can comprehend.
Just look at the UK. BBC, Parliament,The Royals all being investigated.
Lets not forget Ted Heath and Jimmy Saville,s visits to Jersey.

The, "Powers that be", will go to any lengths to protect their own.
This includes discrediting anyone they see as a danger, (Harper, Syvret).
They will even try to scare the general public into giving up the investigations by broadcasting that the costs are too high to continue.
Those trying to discredit honest folk are the ones who should be investigated thoroughly.
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