Author Topic: What is "The Jersey Way"  (Read 30350 times)

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Re: What is "The Jersey Way"
« Reply #135 on: March 13, 2016, 04:30:22 AM »
In previous decades no one really noticed or cared how corrupt our government and civil service was. (We had ,"Money coming out of our ears").
Folk are taking notice now because redundancy and unemployment are realities. (Not things you heard about happening elsewhere and couldn,t comprehend the real implications of).
Jersey sold its soul to the finance industry, (Who are experts in playing,"The long game"). Throw some glass beads at the natives initially,(Low tax, etc), and within a few decades they will be so reliant on our presence that they will agree to our demands. IE: We dont pay tax from now on. The thousands of our employees do. If we move out, you have to feed them.

Jersey. Consider yourself, "OWNED".

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Re: What is "The Jersey Way"
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Sold down the river fritz.
The yes. Folk are very good at camouflaging their trojan horses.
 And the electorate who bother to vote fall for it time and time again .
To late. When they are in. And drop the mask or fall asleep in the corner.

Vote  no!