Author Topic: UK General Election 7th May 2015 and its consequences  (Read 3606 times)

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Re: UK General Election 7th May 2015 and its consequences
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Not quite accurate Jerry,  unlike any Jersey resident trying to get into office to become a politician, Mr Corbyn has a hardcore trained team behind him

Communications Director

Assistant Director

Strategic Pollicy Director

Assistant Director.

Personal Assistant for travel engagements etc.

A serious pot of campaign money.

Lets face it the PM May, her team of advisors, probably most of her ministers, the accredited media, the TV stations the pundits thought and preached the following about the labour party and it's  leader.

Few would back a left winger for leader / PM.

The young don't vote.  ( 72% turnout actually )

Nobody takes seriously Jeremy Corbyn as PM to run the country with the team of MP's behind him who are not so much a shadow but completely unknown.

The grey hair age group will not be upset about the " dementia tax " being   - ALLOWED - to keep the proceeds of the sale of their house up to £100,000 while the balance from the sale is open to being raided to pay for their care when it is already being raided by inheritance tax above £340,000 all assets taken into consideration.

Labours economics of running the country don't add up. Nobody will take them seriously.