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Jersey Post - keep public in the dark
« on: January 19, 2012, 08:12:40 PM »
Re- elected Gerard Baudains hit the ground or rather the States chamber running at the first full sitting.

Jersey Post has  told the public that the reason for the increases in postal charges for parcels and letters has been due to increased charges by the UK side operated by Royal Mail.

It seems perfectly reasonable to find out what these increased charges are as they affect every part of Jersey's society from the finance sector to a pensioner posting gifts to her grandchildren.

The States Treasury Department represented by Assistant Treasury Minister Eddie ( no no ) Noel refused to give the information, citing commercially sensitivity as the reason.

Deputy Tadier asked as the States Treasury Minister was the shareholder - a representative of the Jersey public then basically what was the problem. Still a refusal to answer the question.

There you have it. Should the Royal Mail have increased the charge by the same amount as Jersey Post then I guess most people would understand the price hike. I suggest the hike was more about paying favoured directors more money and postmen less, but reducing the service to that of a third world country in a supposed world class finance centre.

So the public are supposed to have confidence in Jersey Post the problem being that Minister Senator Ozouf and secretive assistant's do not for me inspire confidence.

Yes Minister of course we trust you, have you been getting lessons from a North Korea dictator on how to keep the public in the dark ?

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Re: Jersey Post - keep public in the dark
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 nothing changes ,  meet the new  boss same as the  old boss ,  it just rolls on with the taxpayer bleeding through the nose "
 " commercialy sensitve?"  , makes a change from the old ," not in the public interest."
 i must defend the  front line staff here , my postie is very helpfull  and a good worker.
 and can vouch that the postal service of india  and nepal were quite good.

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Re: Jersey Post - keep public in the dark
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Guernsey States are reviewing the unaffordable states final salary scheme. However nothing from the states of Jersey.
Never a mention of this From Jersey’s Treasury Minster Ozouf.

Why or how is Guernsey post fairing so well, the good news is Jersey post is still making a profit, but personally I feel the quality of service has become erratic and untrustworthy when they lost a cheque for several hundred pounds I sent, it turned up five months later at a wrong address, and kindly the people phoned me. It had been cancelled but  once bitten as they say !

Guernsey Press.

GUERNSEY POST made a profit of £700,000 last year despite battling the loss of VAT-free exports.
Figures in the States-owned utility’s annual report, for the year up to the end of March 2013, showed profit after tax was up by £200,000 on the previous year, even with the withdrawal of low value consignment relief.

However, it is also faced with an immediate funding deficit of £1m. as it looks to curb its out-of-control pension costs.
And the board made clear its displeasure with the States for a lack of progress in pushing through changes to the controversial States final salary public sector pension scheme.
Guernsey Post experienced a 37% reduction in revenue last year, totalling £19m.

BBC article on Jersey Post,

15 February 2013

"There is virtually nothing to lose now - business is 80% lower than it was this time last year. The steps we took to reduce costs last year means the business can be sustainable."

Further reductions in service,