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General Discussion / Re: Chief Minister
« Last post by shortport on Today at 02:44:27 AM »
It says a lot for the rest of our government if over 30 of them supported him.I would say 70% of our politicians are out of their depth and very few of them do anything to improve our quality of life.The next elections won't make any difference either unless there are some credible candidates,unfortunetly you can't vote someone out,unless there are some impressive candidates the same bunch of muppets will get back in again.
General Discussion / Re: Chief Minister
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on Yesterday at 04:04:31 PM »
To the outside world the States of Jersey government must look like a load of idiots!
There will be no change in the way gorst operators. he is way out of his depth. He should go back to his job of being an accountant.
He only looks at figures and not the people.
The members through away the chance to have a better government by saving him. 
He still wants to bring ozouf back in!  That tells you everything you need to know. He had to sack ozouf to keep his job knowing that the members do not want ozouf, so once he was saved he then goes and tells us he will bring ozouf back in the future.
So that is what he thinks of us and the states members!
I do not wish to forward my life but May 2018 just cannot come fast enough!   
General Discussion / Chief Minister
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on June 21, 2017, 05:41:23 AM »
It was said in the chamber today that when gorst came to Jersey as an adult he was in some kind of society that was royal.
His one aim is to turn Jersey in to a council like in England.
Take want he wants to do. Get rid of the bailiff has speaker and have 6 districts for voting which would do away with the parish system.
Leaving just a council of ministers running the island because the Constables would go as well in the end.
So much holding on to power that he sacked ozouf to get the CoM's vote for him and other members who want ozouf out, that is the deal he made.
The next CM i think should be Le Fondre.
General Discussion / Re: illegal immigrates
« Last post by cpcarrot on June 20, 2017, 01:10:56 PM »
What's your source? This rumour was doing the rounds a while back, but ultimately led to nothing.
General Discussion / illegal immigrates
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on June 19, 2017, 09:55:45 PM »
So this is being kept very quiet, North Coast police pick up illegal immigrates that tried to come here by boat. Black bags have been found with false passports and lifejackets, children's cloths. All this be denied but people know the truth.
General Discussion / Re: ozouf travel expenses
« Last post by shortport on June 19, 2017, 12:02:51 AM »
Wheres this story from?
General Discussion / ozouf travel expenses
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on June 18, 2017, 03:52:09 PM »
Well now ozouf to explain his spending on his travel expenses. He is going to repay it back from his own money in time.
Why was his partner going with him on the trips he took?   ozouf was going on States business, so why his partner went with him is not right, seems that he  ( ozouf ) did not have his mind on the business but more on his having a jolly goog time with his partner.
The one good thing ozouf will have done if it goes through, is that he brought down the government i.e. CoM'S.
In which case well done ozouf!
Come on May 2018!!!!
 Le Fondre would make a very good CM. Ferguson no. Valliois single mother does not have the time it takes for being CM. Constable Taylor speaks well but will not take the job.
Just hope that gorst and the rest of the CoM's go.  Let us get a new government that will look after the island and more important the people.
Tracy Vallois-St Saviour No 2 / Re: Tracy Vallois to stand for who exactly
« Last post by boatyboy on June 11, 2017, 09:42:58 PM »
I think re giging your post to say almost the same thing, that Deputy Vallois really wants to be Chief Minister does not take in to account her history.

Remember she is not afraid to speak out, she also appears to be very numeric, handling the maths competently.

Does she want the stress of the top jo ? I would say no based on a quiet non egotistical character. Now Philip Ozouf would probably jump at the chance.

She gained a lot of respect when she took this action:


Until this week, that is, when she handed in her resignation as Assistant Treasury Minister. She had had enough of, she says, being excluded, ignored and taken for granted, and she wanted Islanders to know it. The Deputy also thought that the public deserved to know just how disorganised she thinks the upper levels of government are.

I think John Le Fondre or Chris Taylor would make better Chief Ministers than Gorst. So of course would Furgeson, Higgins and even Tadier who has matured a lot and all mentioned  " people " have backbone.

Go on Jerry, I know you don't like answering questions, but be positive tell us your top three choices to replace Mr Wooden Top ?

I now learn that the day before I posted my last message, Deputy Tracey Vallois had already announced on Twitter that she would not be standing for Chief Minister if Gorst loses the confidence vote:

I've therefore altered the subject line of my last post and this post to reflect this.

She seems to accept the principle that a candidate without a popular mandate (e.g. someone who was elected unopposed) shouldn't be Chief Minister. It will therefore be very interesting to see if she decides to vacate her safe Establishment seat and stand for Senator next Spring (as there will not now be any super constituencies after all). That will be a clear sign that she intends to have some sort of ministerial role again after the election.

This wouldn't be as great a risk for her as it would be for most other Deputies thinking about upgrading to an island mandate because there is a very long tradition of token female candidates on the senatorial ballot paper being successfully elected. In 2014 it was Zoe Cameron, despite apparently having no prior interest in politics other than a professional knowledge of health issues.... and look how that ended up!

I don't think there is any other female candidate apart from Senator Ferguson who could challenge Vallois for the prestigious top woman on the island ballot paper prize. Any female newcomers to the ballot paper would not have the political knowledge and experience that she's got, so she would be a shoe-in for the top 8 Senators. Personally I don't agree with picking a token candidate off the list just because they're the only one of a certain gender, ethnicity or whatever, but historically that is what Jersey voters never fail to do, so I'm just predicting the voters will still be using the same unenlightened reasoning process next year that they always have.
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